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H8 Multi-Effects Headphone Guitar Amplifiers

hank you for purchasing the H8 headphone guitar amplifiers. H8 is a

comprehensive guitar effects with multiple functions. H8 has 10 factory

presets, users can edit the presets to overlay storage, and the operation

method is simple and intuitive. The extremely small body contains a

wealth of effect energy, and has a very good performance in timbre

effects! H8 also has a built-in power supply battery, which can be used

continuously for 5 hours when fully charged. The H8 is designed for 3.5

headphone output, which is not bothersome and very convenient to use

H8 contains 10 classic Preamp, two commonly used modulation effects

ChoRUS&Phaser. a TAPE eCho effect. a HAll reverb effect. 10

classic IR cabinet simulations, and a high precision TUNER. In addition,

also has high-quality mobile phone recording, wireless music

playback and other functions in one. H8 is small in size, good in

performance, easy to carry, and excellent in tone. It is your good guitar


  • Input
    Standard 1/4“interface mono/TS
  • Output
    Standard 1/8“interface mono/TS
  • Sample range
  • Power Supply
    DC5v>-300mA power adapter
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Accessories
    User manual;Packing box;charging cable;internal recording cable